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Spiritual Teacher • Psychic Counselor
Usui Reiki Master
 K·O·R Technique™ of Usui Reiki
Channel For The Council Twelve

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A psychic reading with me is for your empowerment and healing; it will clear issues to bring about the creation of freedom in your life. A psychic reading with me is perhaps a bit different than what you may have experienced with other psychic readers.

Yes, I am a psychic reader, but I use that process somewhat differently than in a typical reading. I am an intuitive, yes, but I combine these elements together with my being a Psychic Healer, Psychological Intuitive and a Channel for the Council Twelve. Plus and foremost, I am a Spiritual Teacher.

During your psychic reading, I tune into you and I call forth the information from all my sources, including your guides. For example, you may ask when a certain situation will happen. I may answer about why that situation is not happening, and how to best bring about a solution for your highest good and purpose. Questions that you have will be answered in a way that will serve you best in the bigger picture.

In other words, the future is not written in stone, so my psychic healing helps you create the healing for yourself to be empowered. I will help you create your future. The reading's information stays with you, and is available for you to draw upon as you need to for an unlimited period after we complete the session.

Take a look at what the bigger picture will be in a psychic reading with me, and then decide if that is what you are looking for in a session. I look forward to our working together. Yes, it is a partnership with you, and I am here to serve your highest needs.

I dedicate my work and this site to: Lord Krishna, the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command


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